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Help . . . So many social media platforms!

Which One Should I Be Using?

You're in charge, and that's the way you want it right? CEO, Founder, Chief Cook, Bottle Washer.

But somewhere along the way, in addition to being the one in charge of bringing in the revenue, balancing the books, and actually doing the work that people pay your company to do, somehow, you got roped into being the person in charge of social media.

And social media has rapidly turned into a full-time job on it's own.

It's easy to get sucked down into the rabbit hole of social media even if you didn't have a business to run. There's always another grumpy cat picture to like, another dancing baby video to share.

But when used properly, social media can be the most powerful tool in the history of business for building true customer relationships.

That means there is much more to consider than just how you like to spend your time on social media. Or is there?

It seems like there is a new social media platform popping up every day! Where did Clubhouse come from?

And sometimes they disappear just as fast. What happened to Parlor? Is that still a thing?

You don't have to be everywhere, on every platform, every minute of every day.

What matters is that you make the most of where you are. That you are actively engaging your customers and prospects in actual conversations instead of just throwing another post, another video, another meme at them.

Engagement trumps reach 8 days a week and twice on Sunday!

If you're trying to decide which social media platforms to concentrate your energy on, of course, there are few basic targeting strategies to keep in mind. LinkedIn is great if you are trying to reach other business owners and professionals. Instagram is perfect for fashion, design and travel businesses where the perfect look means everything. TikTok lets you reach 20-year-olds if that is your target market. And Facebook? Well Facebook is the 800 lb. gorilla. The mass market. Everybody.

None of that is anywhere near as important as understanding the one fundamental truth about social media:

The secret to social media success is actually being more social.

Social media is not about targeting an audience and broadcasting a message TO them. It is about connecting with other human beings and engaging WITH them.

The social media platform that will ultimately bring you the greatest return, connect you with the most customers, and, at the end of the day, make you the most money is the one you already use.

The one where you are already engaging with other human beings.

If you'd like to learn more about how to make the best use of the time you already spend, the reach you already have, and the network of potential customers you have already developed on social media, give us a call at Sprout Strategy and let's have a real conversation, human to human.

Email: or call 907.390.7287


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