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Creating a Price to Value Ratio During Uncertain Times

Price to Value. Support to Loyalty.

The Price to Value Ratio

All businesses have a primary reason for existing; to create value. In this blog, we aim to demonstrate that adding value is more than just a cliche. By understanding and establishing value and implementing strategies to price and delivery, your online business can secure a competitive edge and increase its bottom line even through a recession like Covid 19 in 2020 and now 2021. Let us start by showing you the value of your business and its effectiveness online.

Understand the Concept of Value

We'll start by looking at what it means to recognize the concept of value. Value is a word that has been used ubiquitously and sometimes carelessly used by professionals to the extent that it has lost its true meaning. We believe that value is measured by the extent to which it improves peoples' businesses or lives.

Believe in the Concept of Value

The concept of delivering value has to be a guiding principle within an web design and advertising agency. Of course, many already recognize the need for articulated values or guiding principles with their website, traditional or digital media presence. These are often displayed prominently in fancy frames in reception areas or on foyer walls, however, the extent to which these stated values truly represent and what a web design and advertising agency stands for is debatable. Web Design and ad agency companies need to have a set of values that are true and transparent. They undeniably reflect what the company stands for and what they want for your audience. If you believe in delivering value to your audience and consumers, then this has to be the guiding principle of the agency that you chose to work with. Partners with the same guiding principles are constantly finding the best ways to deliver value through working together.

And Now Price to Value

We know in order to build value we need everything working together. This means your web design and advertising agency team working should be working hard to build your platform. In detail, elegant code working together with beautiful web design. Your charismatic and insightful partners working together to display quality web development, and your business working together with your future IT and online-store-front (should you have that need).

The true value that technology provides to the client is not always realized. Price is just a numerical value that will purchase a finite quantity, weight, or measurement of good service. Value is proven worth. Each value or guiding principle has a significant position that will determine its worth. When each guiding principle is working together, you have increased worth.

So, let us re-cap our value-added tips: If you are serious about your business, hire a team who is serious about theirs. Our team at Sprout Strategy is here to share our guiding principles and work together with your team. There are four key development tools we value and use as our guiding principles:

1. Cross Browser Compatibility

We develop and write code in such a manner that will properly display your website in all major web browsers. The current industry standard is to support all modern versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and many other search engines with Google leading the charge.

2. W3C Compliant CSS

W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is the major organization that sets web development standards and CSS (cascading style sheets) which all modern websites should use to style any website.

3. Table-less HTML

Instead of HTML tables, style sheet languages such as CSS are used to arrange elements and text on a web page. As web standards evolve to improve stability and security, so does your web development team.

4. Responsive Design

We create responsive web design because this solves problems and allows your audience to view your site the same way on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This way, when a layout is squeezed onto a tiny mobile device or stretched across a huge screen, all of the elements in the layout will resize their widths in relation to one another.

None of this can really be accomplished professionally without the value of communication, personality, and charisma. And so we must remind you, all businesses have a primary reason for existing: to create value. I hope this helps you look for companies that can respond to your inquiries, communicate in person or set up meetings by Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts, and remember to always hire a team with an inspiring vision for your online business. We are that group to help! Call 907.390.7287.


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