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The Importance of Communication, Personality and Charisma

How to Choose an Alaska Web and Advertising Agency.

In this blog we'll be focussing on the human element of business relationships and, just as important, communication.

This post should persuade you to be more attuned to the qualitative characteristics of business relationships specifically, communication, personality and charisma in your web development, ad agency representation or IT partnerships.


The basic truth is business = people. This simple yet profound statement can make or break your business. Creating and maintaining strong business relationships is a critical element and in our experience, the most important part of a project's success. Open, honest and regular communication is a must.

At Sprout Strategy, our best projects are the ones completed on time, on (or under) budget and with all parties wowed by the results. But this doesn't happen without great discussions.

So, communication should be your first priority when picking a winning web design team and ad agency in Anchorage, Eagle River, Fairbanks, or Southeast Alaska. Ask yourself, does your team jump at your initial inquiries? Do they answer your questions beyond the basics? Are they easy to reach when you need them? Do you feel comfortable saying what you really think? Do they show a genuine interest in your project and goals?

If the answer to any of these is no, be on guard. A company that is hard to reach, slow to respond, unable to answer questions fully and directly, or that lacks enthusiasm about your ideas will not have your best interest at heart.

Take Away: Look for business partners who respond to your inquiries lightning-fast, who have a fire in their belly for your goals and a genuine sparkle in their eye about your project. You must be able to discuss your business strategies and concerns easily to make all this happen. This is us!


For better or for worse, people feel more comfortable around people like themselves. You do not want to get stuck in group think, where everyone always sees things the same way. Hiring a web development and ad agency with members who share similar traits with you, can lead to some super-powered synergies! However, finding web developers with personalities that match a typical businessperson is harder than you may think. Why? Well, let's just say some stereotypes of the "nerd" are often true - although we love our nerds and they think it fun to be one.

Specifically, many programmers and designers are basically engineers and artists who are typically introverts, with less interest in extrovert communication or business strategy. This makes it even more important when you are hiring a web design or ad agency to meet not only the account executives but also the project managers, who will round out the team of key players you will be communicating with.

Take Away: Look for companies like ours that can communicate in person or that can set up face-to-face Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout meetings online. Hire a firm that you feel a connection with and can talk with comfortably. When you click with a firm's personalities, you'll click on many other levels as well.


Finally, when searching for a web development firm and ad agency, look for a company with team members who can quickly and easily build chemistry and charisma with you. We can do that!

Charisma is a trait that is not easily learned and nearly impossible to teach. By definition, charisma is the special ability to elicit devotion and admiration from others. You should be seeking a web development team or advertising agency whose work you truly believe in. A company or person with amazing skills but with the bonus of delivering charm that many others cannot; it's the golden goose egg.

You may think charismatic individuals are mavericks in their own right, but at their core, they are people who believe in what they're doing. They care deeply about their clients and the message they present with their business and relationships. They are genuine and sincere. They fix their mistakes without being asked, they take responsibility for your project as if it was their own and they make intelligent suggestions on how to improve your business systems.

Take Away: When you first meet a web design and ad agency, ask them to share their history and vision. The right individuals will tell a compelling and beautiful story that will inspire you and make you want to work with them. If not, keep looking. But, fyi ... we have some pretty great stories to share!


When choosing a web design company and ad agency, never settle for basic, technical skills. Look for real people who are excellent communicators, who have synergistic personalities and who care deeply about their work and the work of their clients.

Remember, the core of business = people. When you hire a firm to develop your company, look for truly inspiring people who believe in what they do. While this might take a few extra phone calls and meetings, you will ultimately achieve better results and are guaranteed to enjoy the partnership a whole lot more and for many years to follow . . . We would love to talk with you! 907.390.7287.


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